Date Night is a Must

Time is the currency of all relationships. My husband and I believe that investing in our marriage is our number one priority.

One night a week, my husband and I have date night.

Sometimes we dress up fancy and hit the town. Other times, we stay casual and hit the local bar and grill. Either way, we truly look forward to this quality time together.

Date night gives us an opportunity to check-in with each other, communicate, laugh, have fun, and spend uninterrupted quality time one to one.

The night usually begins with dinner, then off to bowling, a concert, a movie, or another activity, and then ends in the bedroom.

Date night continues to prove that the greatest investment you’ll make in your marriage is spending quality time together. You also serve a greater purpose by modeling for your children the importance of working on your relationship and committing to spending quality time together. Your children will see the value of investing one on one time with each other and reap the rewards of having a happy family life.

If you can’t carve out a night throughout the week, then find time to connect with each other at home. Make dinner together, take a walk together, or just sit together and talk.

Date night is an important investment in your relationship. Find a babysitter, strap on some heels, and schedule a date night with your partner.

-The Quality Over Quantity Stepmom

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