Fearless Stepmom Warrior 

 Being a stepmom isn’t for the faint of heart. You must be a strong woman with a strong sense of identity. Ultimately you need to be a fearless warrior!

Today one of my stepdaughters made me a picture of hearts colored in a beautiful pattern (above picture). She then took one of her framed pictures out and framed the colored hearts just for me. Yes, my heart melted and she made me feel loved. I proudly displayed it on our fireplace mantel.

Then she wrote down one word and decorated hearts around it. She gave this to me as well. The word…

Fearless (picture below)

With one word you can lift people up or tear them down. Today my stepdaughter lifted me up and reminded me that I am a fearless stepmom warrior.

You are a fearless stepmom warrior too.

You got this!

-The Fearless Stepmom Warrior Stepmom

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