Versatile Blogger Award

1. Show the award on your blog

2. Thank the person who nominated you.

3. Share seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 10 blogs. Link your nominees’ blogs.

Thank you Not The Average Mama for nominating me for this award! I admire you for your honesty, strength, and inspirational spirit.

7 facts about me:

1. I love riding motorcycles and I own a Harley. Riding is my favorite way to bond with my husband and destress.

2. I’m afraid of birds.

3. I am happiest on the beach, with my husband.

4. If I won the lottery, I’d buy acres and acres of land to rescue dogs. My stepdaughters love this idea!

5. I’m a Libra. Therefore I am always seeking balance and justice.

Lady Justice Image
6. My sister is my best friend. We’re partners in crime. Although we are not twins, we have twin-like telepathic powers.

7. I judge people based on the vibes I feel from them. My intuition never lies.

Now on to the nominations!

“When you consider nominating a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page. Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.”

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Adrienne Vose
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  1. February 26, 2016

    I’m a Libra too! I’m all about fairness! Black and white, no grey area! Congratulations again on this award! Can’t wait to read more of your blogs!

  2. February 26, 2016

    Congratulations on the award 🙂 Your No. 7, I do that too! You ride a motorbike!! Awesome, and yet afraid of birds XD No worries I am too. Im a Taurus though 😛

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