You and your partner’s ex may not see eye to eye, but it’s nice when they don’t interfere with the relationship you have with your stepchildren.

A lot of stepmoms struggle with the fact that biomom doesn’t want them to play an active role. At times biomoms can become offended and resentful of the time stepmoms share with their kids. They can also become very territorial. Biomoms may even try to alienate their children covertly or overtly in order to assure a relationship won’t be developed.

Today I reflect on the blessing of being able to develop a close relationship with my stepdaughters.

The girltime I spend with my stepdaughters is truly a bonding experience. We talk, play pranks on each other, have a constant scaring war, play board games, draw, color, do arts and crafts, go on adventures to a climbing course, head to the local animal shelter, play at the arcade, play mini-golf, head outside to walk the dogs, or play catch with a football or frisbee. I am grateful we have such a bond and enjoy our girltime together.

Thank you biomom for appreciating my love for your daughters and for accepting the girltime I spend with them. Today I reflect on this blessing.

-The I Love Our Bonding Time Stepmom

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  1. I love that saying! I actually have it on my instagram. I am grateful that we have primary custody of my step-son, not only for the best interest of him but because it allows me to create a special bond with him because if it was up to biomom, I wouldn’t exist.

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