Practice What You Preach

Do you have people in your life that seem to be walking contradictions?

They don’t practice what they preach. In fact, they preach and then do the exact opposite.

Is this alive and well in your life?

We all deal with “walking contractions.” People may say, “I hate drama. Let’s stay out of drama”, but then they invite drama into your life.

Someone might say, “I respect your boundaries”, but then they cross them.

They may preach about acting in peaceful ways, yet they attack.

These people are not practicing what they preach.

How can you handle these “walking contradictions” in your life? 

Let them serve as a reminder to practice what you preach and lead by example. We all have failures and make mistakes along the way, but always be true to who you are and  practice what you preach.

-The Actions Speak Louder Than Words Stepmom

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