Stepmom Sanctuary Retreat

Stepmom Sanctuary Retreat Jenna Korf & Barbara Goldberg

Stepmom Help

The Evil Stepmother Speaks

This experience has been truly life changing.

The Stepmom Sanctuary Retreat at the Light on the Hill Retreat Center in Van Etten, NY, allowed me a chance to escape from reality, find peace for 4 days, and connect with women from all over the world. I highly recommend it to any stepmom.

The “stepmom” label can be taboo, but here I could feel safe as my true self, while being surrounded with beautiful scenery. In between group sessions I could go take a walk on the trails, walk the labyrinth, find peace in the sanctuary, connect with other women, or sit out on the deck, soak in some sun, and admire the view.

Jenna and Barb are natural born leaders. They both have unique strengths which allow them to teach to all personalities and a variety of situations. I am grateful to them for allowing us this opportunity.

What have I learned here on my journey? 

1. Self-care is vital

2. Perspective

3. Healthy forms of communication

4. A toolkit of strategies and techniques

5. Scientific explanations to connect to real life scenarios

6. Connection with a community of women

7. How to be the best me

Taking time to focus on yourself and to learn are vital in the step-mom role. Jenna and Barb gave us that chance. I look forward to going home, having a calm spirit, and applying my new tools. Thank you ladies!

Sign up here for a Free Clarity Session with Nicole, where she will work to understand your situation, help you get clear on what you want as a stepparent, and give recommendations on a plan that would help you the most.

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