Girl Power

What do you love about your stepchild/stepchildren?

Today while reflecting, I felt appreciation for my stepdaughters. They are both sweet, loving, welcoming, creative, flexible little girls. They adapt with such ease. When plans change, as they often do, they just go with the flow without complaining. I truly enjoy spending time with them having our girltime.

My one stepdaughter has such as easy going, happy, innocent spirit, which I admire. My other stepdaughter is very smart, observant, and perceptive. I admire her ability to read between the lines.

They aren’t perfect, but they don’t need to be. They are perfectly themselves. They are loved.

These girls have taught me many lessons. They have taught me to love, forgive, have fun, laugh, embrace failure, analyze, imagine, play, problem solve, make mistakes, work as a team, and to be patient. But most of all, they have taught me to become a better version of myself.

I thank God for welcoming me into their lives and for welcoming them into mine.

-The Harness Your Girl Power Stepmom

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