We Are Family 

Do you ever have those days you always want to remember? Today was one of those days.

I picked up my stepdaughters after school and we headed home. They shared a few stories from their day on the drive, while I asked questions. As soon as we got home they helped with feeding our dogs and taking them outside. A very typical day so far.

Then we decided to get homework done and clean out folders. I realized my one stepdaughter has a math test tomorrow, so my other stepdaughter and I created a review quiz for her to practice her math skills. She takes the quiz and I support her when needed.

After, we decide to make some chocolate chip cookies. We didn’t make them from scratch, so this was a quick process.

Then it was shower time. Tonight they required no convincing to take showers.

My younger stepdaughter asked me to color with her after her shower, so that is what we did. We spent the next hour drawing and coloring sugar skulls and mandalas. While coloring, my husband came home from work and walked into a happy home filled with love. He didn’t miss a beat and he joined us in spending time together.

After we put the girls to bed, I reflected on the amount of love I feel. I am grateful to have such amazing little girls as my stepdaughters. They bring me so much love. I am also grateful for my husband for facilitating such a happy, supportive family dynamic. Today was a day that makes it all worth it.

The icing on the cake was sneaking upstairs to finish laundry and my younger stepdaughter sneaks out of her room to give me an envelope. She tells me to open it with daddy. I go downstairs and my husband and I open it together…Family it said.

Yes, my heart melted.

Remember to always be grateful when these moments occur. This was a day I want to always remember.

-The Grateful Stepmom

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  1. November 2, 2016

    Loved this. Thanks for sharing! Moments like these make all the hard work well worth it….

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