Men Aren’t Mind Readers

Some women believe men automatically know what they want, why they are upset, or what they are hinting. A lot of women expect their men to be like one of their girlfriends, understanding their facial expressions, hints, and interpreting their feelings.

Understand that men and women are incredibly different. Men and women communicate and interpret communication in completely different ways. You can’t expect your husband to be a mind reader. If you need something, be direct and ask for it. Hinting isn’t an effective technique. In fact, men find it quite frustrating.

Need something, speak up. You want something, communicate it directly. You feel a certain way, share that with your partner. Don’t beat around the bush.

Men aren’t mind readers. Be sure to express yourself clearly, but also respectfully. Focus on “I” statements. This will allow for healthier communication in your marriage.

-The They Don’t Have A Crystal Ball Stepmom

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