My Stepmom New Year’s Resolution 

I have a few personal resolutions, but my stepmom resolution came to me at the most unexpected moment.

Frustrated and annoyed with my husband, I actually said to him, “If you would just do it my way, then there wouldn’t be an issue.” And I’d like to say I was just joking, but I wasn’t. I actually wanted him to do things my way. I believed this would make me happier somehow.

Then I started to think about the qualities I value in my husband. I became emotional thinking about how much I love this man and value who he is as a person. I don’t want him to change! He has integrity, a killer work ethic, a provider spirit, he’s strong, he’s proactive, he’s sexy, he’s an awesome dad, he’s loving, and he works hard to do everything in his power to make me happy. And here I am asking him to change! Realizing how unfair and wrong this is, I created my New Year’s Resolution for 2017.

My resolution is to appreciate my husband for who he is, quirks and all. After all, I fell in love with him because of who he is. Now I need to support him, all of him and his decisions. Even if I don’t agree, I can still be supportive and encouraging.

My husband always tells me that he values that I am not a nag. But today I felt the pressure I put on him was unfair.

We all make mistakes and say things we regret, but today I became aware of something I need to change in myself. I need to accept my husband as is and appreciate our differences rather than try to change him. He challenges me to grow and improve as a person and now it’s my turn to hold up my end of the bargain.

-The Valuing My Husband Stepmom

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