Melt Your Heart Moment 

Coming home from work my 8 year old stepdaughter was fast asleep. When she woke up, my husband and I asked if she wanted to take a walk with the dogs. She is a serious animal lover and she didn’t even hesitate for a second. Of course she wanted to walk the dogs with us. She was even more excited because she didn’t have to share holding our one dog’s leash with her older sister, since she was at a friend’s.

On our walk my stepdaughter said to me, “I could tell you were home.” I said, “Why? Because our dog was barking?” She said, “No. I could feel that you were home.” Then she mentioned how she could feel a “good energy.”

This completely melted my heart because I am a strong believer in feeling energies. I’m so grateful she associates my energy as a positive one.

We later spent time together making bracelets and talking. What a great night it was. My energy is feeling even more positive and loved.

Remember to always embrace these melt your heart moments.

-The Embracing These Melt Your Heart Moments Stepmom

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