We Can All Benefit from Feedback 

Feedback allows us to make growth and progress. What type of person are you?

I was talking to my mentor when they said, “you are a very protective person. And you are trying to protect your husband from being verbally assaulted and harassed.”

“YES! Exactly!” Since I was a kid, I have been protective of the ones I love. I have continued this trait into my marriage, which isn’t always helpful. I have caused lots of anxiety in myself trying to prevent attacks on my husband, which I have zero control over.

Getting this feedback, I decided to make a new plan moving forward. I now accept the fact that I cannot protect my husband from everything, therefore decreasing my anxiety. He will let me know if he needs my help.

If I hadn’t received this feedback, I’d probably still have a lot of anxiety and worry energy. This feedback allowed me to see things as they were and make a much needed shift. The results are that my anxiety has decreased, my husband feels confident in handling these situations on his own, and it has improved my marriage. Now if my husband needs support, we work as a team and problem solve.

I needed that simple feedback, in order to improve and it made a world of difference.

Being open and receptive to feedback will allow you to make growth and progress.

-The Receptive Stepmom

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  1. February 12, 2017

    I too do the same of always being protective of my husband, especially after he was verbally threatened by his own family. (Long story short- his parents and sister assumed parenting roles after his ex left him and his girls, they have become overly controlling after him remarrying and having a step-family) I also learned and still learning, to just allow him to take care of matters in they ways that he can. It makes me overly anxious as well. Glad things have gotten better for you in this regard! It helps to see and feel a positive difference.

  2. February 14, 2017

    Absolutely! Awareness is so important in creating a positive shift and it sounds like you are aware and working to improve. Keep up the great work. There’s no better reward than seeing your husband own it, handle it, and then it becomes a non-issue.

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