Is This Mic On? How to Communicate Effectively with Your Partner

Open, healthy communication is a part of every relationship.

According to Coach Corey Wayne, “Women solve their problems and work through them by talking about them. Women resolve things by talking and sharing their emotions and feelings. Men tend to retreat to their man-cave to contemplate solutions in private.” This in itself can cause conflict when trying to communicate.

How can you effectively communicate in your marriage?

1. Be clear on your needs.
“I need you to just listen…”
“I need some ideas…”
“I need your help problem solving…”

2. Ask your partner if they are in place to talk. 
“Are you in a place to talk right now or should I wait?” Respect their needs whether they need time or they are ready to talk.

3. Set a time limit to the conversation. 
“Let’s talk for 15 minutes.”
“Let’s talk while walking the dogs.”

4. Delivery of message (emotions) versus message itself.
The intensity of your emotions can navigate your conversation. Control your emotions and don’t attack. Be clear on your intended message. “I’m feeling anxious… It’s important to me to keep our schedule and plans in tact.”

Communication isn’t always easy, especially when men and women have different styles of communicating. You and your partner can create the tools you need in order to successfully communicate in your marriage.


-The Mic is On Stepmom

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