Coaching Column: Ask Stepmom Warrior 

Have you ever wanted to ask a question, get coaching, seek advice, or just get someone else’s perspective on your stepfamily life? Now here’s your chance…

Starting today, I’ll be collecting “Ask Stepmom Warrior” questions via email at or through direct messages on my blog or social media. Write the subject line “Ask Stepmom Warrior.” Stepmoms, stepdads, partners, and stepchildren are all encouraged to ask a question. Give me a little background on your problem and then ask away. Feel free to remain anonymous, use a code name, or sign your first name.

On Saturday, March 18, I’ll select one question to answer and then post my response. The question & answer will get shared through my blog and through my social media.

Ask Stepmom Warrior” is a coaching column designed to offer you support on your stepparent journey.

Sign up here for a Free Clarity Session with Nicole, where she will work to understand your situation, help you get clear on what you want as a stepparent, and give recommendations on a plan that would help you the most.

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