Woo-sa. Achieving Peace as a Stepparent is an Inside Job 

Some people pray, some meditate, but one common theme is that most people are looking to achieve peace.

When stepparents hear the word “peace” they don’t usually think it describes their life. Words like busy, chaotic, and action filled are a more fitting description.

There are so many factors of stepfamily life that are out of your control. Achieving inner peace is one factor that is completely in your control. It’s an inside job. After all, peace comes from within.

Here are some ideas to help you achieve inner peace. Find what resonates with you:

  1. Set boundaries: Setting boundaries with others will help you on your path to peace. If something feels out of balance in your life, it might be helpful to create a boundary in that area. Identify what feels out of balance. Ask yourself what you need to do in order to feel more in balance and then communicate that to the necessary parties. Setting boundaries can feel uncomfortable and awkward at first but ultimately it will lead to a more peaceful existence.
  2. Be present: Our culture is in fast forward motion. We’re always looking ahead and planning ahead. But on the opposite end of the spectrum we’re also stuck in the past. Instead of looking back or looking to the future, hone in on the now. Observe with all of your senses. Be engaged in the present moments.
  3. Breathe: How many of you were taught how to breathe? I know I wasn’t. I learned how to breathe by attending a restorative yoga class. Breathing can help ward off negative emotions and combat negative energy and triggers. Inhale through your nose. Hold it for one second until you hit your wall. Exhale through your mouth. Repeat as needed. As you’re breathing, bring your attention to your breath. Any time your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath.
  4. Be flexible: Stepfamily life requires you to be flexible. If you aren’t, then you could encounter lots of aggravations. Flexibility is helpful when schedules change, transitions occur, or when sporting events and game schedules need to be organized and planned. Dealing with other people can cause frustrations. Just remember to be flexible and bend a little.
  5. Recite a Mantra: Mantras are words or statements that are repeated often. Reciting a daily mantra to yourself can help you on your path to peace. One of my favorite mantras is, “peace begins with me.” Reciting your mantra a few times a day will help it become more ingrained in you. Write a note and stick it in your wallet. Set your phone alarm to send you the mantra as a reminder.

Achieving inner peace is an inside job. The best part is that all the tools you need are already within you. Find what works for you and remember, “peace begins with me.”

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