Thank You for All You Do. Happy Father’s Day to My Husband 

You are one of a kind. You are valued.
Every day I am grateful for your presence and for all that you do for us. You bring so much love into our lives.

My heart is filled when I watch the girls laugh and smile as you tickle them. My heart is filled when you flash them the I love you sign language sign and they flash it back or when they tell you their stories and you listen intently. I love it when I can hear you yelling outside in encouragement as you play kickball or soccer with the girls. I admire the way you guide them and give them advice. I admire that you’re always looking out for them and protecting them. WATCH OUT! I appreciate that you’re always providing for them. You always feed them and take care of them before you take care of yourself. It’s just who you are. I appreciate the encouraging words you give them before, during, and after their games. I appreciate all of your hard work each and every day. You work so hard to provide a fulfilling life for our family. I think it’s sweet that you make sure to kiss them goodnight and remind them to say their prayers. It’s sweet that you still carry them to bed when they fall asleep downstairs. It’s sweet when they want their dad to fix their multiple injuries. You really are the best boo-boo fixer. It’s sweet watching you play cards and engage with them. I love watching you teach them how to cook and watching them help you with excited eyes. You also teach them important life lessons. You teach them to have values, to respect others and to respect themselves, to stand up for what they believe in, and to be strong girls.

I love watching you with the dogs too. When they curl up on your lap or try to kiss your face, I smile. You’re always taking care of them and making sure they’re happy and healthy too.

All the smiles. All the love. All the growth. All the memories. Our hearts are full because of you.

To the man of the house. The man who brings us so much love. Happy Father’s Day! I’m so proud of the father you are and I’m so thankful to call you my husband.

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