The Best Thing a Father Can Do For His Children is to Love Their Stepmother 

I’ve seen this quote circling the internet, “The best thing a father can do for his daughter is to love their mother.” Every time I read it I add, or stepmother.

Dads, the way you love your partner sets the tone for the way your children respect their stepmother. Your actions speak more to your kids than your words. Model the behavior you expect.

As a father you have an important job of laying the groundwork in order to have a happy quality of life in your home. You get to establish the energy in the home. You get to determine the respect that’s given to your partner. You get to model hope that derives out of a failed marriage. You get to create a positive family dynamic. You get to model love for your children in the way you love their stepmom.

At the beginning of my relationship with my now husband, he elevated me. He expected respect and a welcoming attitude. He didn’t force my stepdaughters to want to spend time with me. He didn’t force them to say I love you or give me hugs. But he modeled spending quality time together. He modeled affection. He modeled love. He modeled respect. In doing so, we’ve established a positive family dynamic and we’ve grown as a family.

Dads, we need you to step up as a leader and lead. Parent your children. Set boundaries. Have clearly defined expectations. Openly communicate. Don’t tolerate disrespect. Talk about feelings. Teach respect. Guide. Model teamwork.

We want you to be our partner in crime, our greatest advocate, and our protectors. We can’t do it alone. You hold the key to creating a loving, happy home.

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Photo Credit: Fernando Gonzalez & Brandon Vick

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