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Are you ready for a change?

Stepmom life can be a lonely place. I remember feeling isolated and not sure where to turn. My friends and family didn't understand my situation because they weren't stepmoms. The internet is consumed with blogs, magazines, videos, social media groups, and advice for stepmoms. There is a plethora of information out there. Right at your ...

YouTube Video on Parental Alienation 

I uploaded a video on YouTube that discusses the signs of parental alienation as well as what to do if you suspect your child/stepchild of being alienated.  Click here to watch If there are topics you'd like me to make a video on, share in the comments. 

Stepmom Warrior Support Group 

Sign up for a coaching session and get invited to my Stepmom Warrior Support Group. SWSG is designed to support stepparents on their journey. SWSG is a safe, positive space that offers stepparents support, healing, a sense of belonging, a venue for self-expression, an opportunity to learn, and an opportunity to develop connections with group ...

Sign-up for Your Coaching Session

I discovered a simple sign-up website to easily accommodate your Coaching Session needs.  To sign up now click the following link and I will be in touch. Coaching Sign-up

Woo-sa. Achieving Peace as a Stepparent is an Inside Job 

Some people pray, some meditate, but one common theme is that most people are looking to achieve peace. When stepparents hear the word "peace" they don't usually think it describes their life. Words like busy, chaotic, and action filled are a more fitting description. There are so many factors of stepfamily life that are out ...

Spring Renewal 

Happy Spring! If you're in a stepmom role and interested in a FREE 15 minute Spring Renewal Coaching Session, email me at and I'll sign you up.  

Coaching Column: Ask Stepmom Warrior 

  Dear Stepmom Warrior: How can you get over the resentment? I chose this man and he was a package deal, so I own my choice, but I didn’t expect to feel so frustrated over sharing my house, my money, my time, my husband, not to mention giving up the notion of peace for many years ...