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Don’t Be a Nag! Healthy Communication is Key to a Happy Marriage- From My Husband’s Perspective 

I asked my husband to dispense some wisdom from the male perspective regarding advice he’d give to other stepfamily couples. His first statement was, “don’t be a nag!” According to, nag is defined: to annoy by persistent faultfinding, complaints, or demands. Dr. Markman said, “nagging is the enemy of love, if allowed to persist.” ...

What is a Stepmom Warrior?

Photo Credit: Teri Fiske @ciaobellaboudoir Click here to check out the Stepmom Warrior- Stepfamily Lifeline Services.

Invest in Yourself

When you're at the end of your rope and asking yourself, what did I sign up for, it's time to invest in yourself. VIDEO LINK Invest in Yourself   Click here to check out the Stepmom Warrior- Stepfamily Lifeline Services.

Being a Stepmom Rocks! The Perks of Stepmotherhood

Stepmoms endure many challenges in their role. They can be deemed as “evil” or “wicked”, but the perks of being a stepmom are something that can’t be forgotten. Being a stepmom rocks in many ways. 1.You Gain Acceptance & Love Creating a family with your partner and stepchildren allows you to experience more love and ...

Is This Mic On? How to Communicate Effectively with Your Partner

Open, healthy communication is a part of every relationship. According to Coach Corey Wayne, "Women solve their problems and work through them by talking about them. Women resolve things by talking and sharing their emotions and feelings. Men tend to retreat to their man-cave to contemplate solutions in private." This in itself can cause conflict when trying to ...

Valuable Lessons to Teach Your Children

Our children look to us to be role models and leaders. It’s important to lead by example and take the high road when serving as models for our children. There are endless lessons we can teach them as they make their way through life, but here are some important ones. 1. “When They Go Low, ...

Peace and Happiness is an Internal Job 

Peace and happiness is an internal job. -The Happy Stepmom

Don’t Feed the Beast! Protecting Your Marriage from High-Conflict Behavior

Once upon a time a young woman met a King. The minute their eyes met, the world stopped, magic happened, and they fell in love. As they joined each other in matrimonial union, they created a family. Happy in love they felt united and strong. But as they became a united front, they were approached ...

Welcome to the Stepmom Rollercoaster. Buckle Up!

Being a stepmom is like being on a constant rollercoaster ride. Sometimes the ride is fun and you're laughing until tears stream down your face. After you exit the ride, you scream, “Let’s do that again!” Sometimes the ride gets scary. Your heart starts beating as the fear of the big drop heads your way. ...

What’s Your Primary Love Language? 

Take the 5 Love Languages Quiz with your partner to determine your primary Love Languages. The book and quiz have changed the way I love and receive love. 5 Love Languages Quiz -The Affection and Quality Time Stepmom Click here to check out the Stepmom Warrior- Stepfamily Lifeline Services.