Stepfamily Coaching Services 

I teach stepparents how to make stepfamily life enjoyable by finding peace and creating successful relationships with their partner and stepchildren.

Who is Stepfamily Coaching for?

  • Stepparents who are ready to show up, put in the work, and transform their lives.
  • Stepmoms, stepdads, stepchildren- individually, as a couple, or as a family.
  • Stepparents who are seeking ways to better manage their stepfamily challenges.
  • Stepparents who are looking to improve their relationships or save their marriage.
  • Stepparents who want to feel supported and understood in their role.

What can I do for you as your Stepfamily Coach? As a Coach, I work with clients who are looking to make improvements in their stepfamily life and nurture their relationships. During our sessions we will work through the problems that are present in your life and on your heart. You will find support as a stepparent (or someone dating a man/woman with children) with setting boundaries, decreasing the impact of “the ex”, identifying solutions, navigating your role, prioritizing, developing coping strategies, and seeking balance. These coaching sessions are designed to empower you towards positive growth if you show up ready to do the work.

What is the coaching process like? I’ll send you a Pre-Coaching Form to fill out and we will schedule your first session. You can choose to either phone conference, video conference (Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom), or meet in the Rochester, NY area.

Life is a constant journey of growing and refining who we are.

What is your sanity worth? What would you be willing to pay to save your marriage or find peace? The cost of being unhappy is pretty high. The cost of divorce is also pretty high. Investing in yourself and in your relationship is always worth it.


Free Clarity Session: Sign up for a complimentary Clarity Session. I will work to understand your situation. We will identify your goals and define what would help you the most. The Clarity Session is a 20 minute phone call. Sign-up HERE for your Clarity Session.

1 Hour (Video, Phone, or local- Rochester, NY) Coaching Session: Investing in a one hour video or phone coaching session will allow us to focus on identifying problems and finding solutions to best meet your needs. One coaching session will help you get a sense of what coaching is all about and see if it’s a good fit for you. This plan is best for clients who have one issue they want to work on or clients that need a quick fix. $100 BUY NOW

3- 1 Hour (Video, Phone, or local- Rochester, NY) Coaching Sessions: Investing in 3 coaching sessions will allow us an opportunity to work on specific solutions and to dig deeper into more pressing topics. It will allow us to have some follow through and allow us to revisit issues if needed. This plan is best for clients who enjoy having a beginning, middle, and end, and enjoy a more clearly defined process. $275 BUY NOW

6- 1 Hour (Video, Phone, or local- Rochester, NY) Coaching Sessions: Investing in 6 coaching sessions gives us an opportunity to work together more consistently. We can work together once a month or find a coaching plan that fits your needs. This plan works best for clients that are looking to facilitate change and have accountability throughout the process. This plan is best for clients who are ready and willing to improve their quality of life. $525 BUY NOW

Payments: Payments are made via PayPal and are due before rendering services.  


  • Certified Stepfamily Coach at
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology
  • Master of Science degree in Early Childhood/ Elementary Education

Background: I’m married to my awesomely supportive husband. I mean let’s be honest, your partner has to be pretty great in order to take on the stepmom role. I have two stepdaughter’s ages 9 and 11. Although I grew up with stepparents in my childhood, I never realized the many challenges that came with stepfamily life. Feeing lost and alone, I knew I had to seek support. I threw myself into a journey of discovery, learning, growth, and development, which all led me to where I am today, coaching others on their journey.

Being a stepmom is the most challenging role I’ve endured. It can be a lonely place. The gift of feeling understood and connecting with someone who can relate is extremely validating. It takes vulnerability to reach out and seek support, but in those moments of vulnerability, you can make the most growth. I’m here to guide you and support you on your journey if you’re ready.

Be Loving. 

Be Open. 

Be Vulnerable. 

Be Empowered.

Stepfamily Coach, Nicole DiLorenzo AKA Stepmom Warrior 

Photo credit: Brandon Vick 


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